Testimonials: Thai Yoga Massage

"Eric is such a fantastic practitioner - very tuned-in, present, able and great at communicating the why and how as needed. Thank you so much for an amazing Thai massage and a great experience!"
- Suzanne D.

"This massage was amazing and effective. I went for two 90 minute sessions and each time was very happy. I am 58 years old with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, and I have had many varieties of massage including Thai, RMT, relaxation, Tui Na and more. This was at least equal to any. The ambience is fine with really nice music, and the massage is ideal. Thumbs up, Eric."
- Laurel B.

"Eric's work was very carefully done (I'm almost 70 so I have issues) and it felt safe and at times ecstatic. After the session I got on my bike and rode away, feeling fantastic hours later. I became more and more relaxed, laid back, clear headed and energised as the day progressed! Eric's work is very effective and I highly recommend his Thai massage healing."
- Ian Soutar

"Eric led an incredible Thai Yoga Workshop this weekend at the Fernwood Yoga Den. I'd like to inform everyone in the yoga community that he's a deeply conscious, attentive teacher with a broad wealth of knowledge. Attending any one of his upcoming workshops is something I can't recommend enough."
- Guillaume R.

"I received two Thai massages from Eric at Full Lotus, both times I came away feeling more recharged, balanced and relaxed. The treatment space is clean and cozy with thoughtful touches like a heated mat, supportive bolsters and filtered water. Eric is warm, professional, a good listener and very skilled in the art of Thai massage. I look forward to another session and will recommend him to my friends."
- Shanti B.

More Testimonials: Yoga Teaching

"Eric is a great teacher who was able to easily explain all of the aspects of yoga, from the physiological to the spiritual to the philosophical. I highly recommend his beginner's course for anyone interested in further exploring the philosophy and practice of yoga."
-Tyler R.

"My recovery from invasive spinal surgery was slow and painful, and various other therapies did little or caused more problems. Eric left me feeling more optimistic, and he showed me some safe and helpful stretches and exercises. Very professional and far more insightful than I ever imagined it would be. I still use the simple techniques he showed me!"
- Kevin D.

"I was so excited to re-discover yoga at Full Lotus Yoga! Although I had taken yoga for years, I had to essentially start over after a lengthy illness. Eric was kind and compassionate and welcomed me with open arms into his studio... he creates a safe, professional, nourishing, and spiritual environment."
- Sabrina B.

"Eric has a naturally calming presence and is attuned to students' needs. My private lessons were informative, focused, and productive. They were catered to my level, but he still challenged me as well."
- Marcus V.

"Eric’s extensive knowledge about body alignment, muscles, and modifications was present in all of the yoga classes. I would recommend this for anyone from beginners to more advanced students."
- Kathryn S.

"Eric's a patient and helpful teacher, and he's created a great space to learn in. I really benefited from practicing at Full Lotus, and I'll surely pay a visit when I'm back around."
- Scott Cook