Yoga Sequences

Here are some downloadable .pdfs of sample sequences. These are for information purposes only. Use at your own risk, and keep your own discernment and creativity. Enjoy!

  • Strike a Pose - a simple half-hour Hatha sequence for beginners.
  • Asleep in the Sun - a Hatha sequence to loosen up a stiff body, especially the lower back and legs, after a long day of standing at work.
  • Step Into the Light - a more advanced Hatha/Vinyasa class for those who like a little adventure.
  • Vinyasa One - A well-balanced sequence that I use as a base for a lot of my classes. Lots of variations possible!
  • Fernwood - a bit more of a creative and vigorous Vinyasa sequence.
  • Freedom Rock - a more advanced Vinyasa class with a few inversions, for when you're feeling strong and supple.
  • Water From the Same Source - A relaxing yet challenging Yin sequence, named after this song.
  • Stillness In Time - Another nice Yin sequence to make people feel good.